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專業通訊整合服務 Manufacturer & original products

玉山數位主要代理品牌 We are distributor of : Gigaset、Unify (Mitel)、Suppo Battery、Salom Adapter



歐洲數位電話市佔率第一 DECT market leader

Gigaset秉持德國製造嚴控品質的要求,於歐洲擁有數位電話第一高的市佔率,從有線到無線,從類比到數位,提供住家、中企業用戶最佳通訊解決方案。玉山數位代理Gigaset通訊系統超過10年,提供DECT辦公室無線電話系統、Call Center 客服中心規劃設計、UMS訊息整合系統、企業VoIP網路電話解決方案等服務。

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A profession vendor in communications & new energy products worldwide

Since year 2003, JISCO provided Siemens & Gigaset communications systems, DECT handsets, Ni-Mh & Lithium rechargeable batteries, Power adapters & power batteries for tools and motorcycle/E-bikes markets worldwide.                                                                                   Jade-mountain Int'l Services Corp.(JISCO) was established in 2003 and specializes in the manufacturing and supply of German ICT majors UNIFY (Siemens Communications) and Gigaset Communications, Suppo original nickel-metal hydride and lithium rechargeable batteries and Salom original power chargers. An agent service provider specializing in Unified Communications services, providing next-generation communication system (NGN) integration solutions and global manufacturing service solutions for rechargeable batteries and power systems. We provide professional manufacturing and original product services to global corporate customers, with high We believe in high-value, reliable, and fast B2B manufacturing and integration services. We have more than 20 years of professional market service experience and a good reputation among customers. We serve more than 500 medium and large enterprises and institutional customers around the world, and are very popular and recognized by customers. 

玉山數位國際股份有限公司(JISCO)設立於2003年,為德國ICT資通訊大廠UNIFY(西門子通信)與Gigaset通信、Suppo 原廠鎳氫與鋰充電電池與Salom原廠電源充電器專業生產製造與代理服務商,專業從事統合通信系統Unified Communications服務,提供新一代通訊系統(NGN)整合方案與充電電池與電源系統全球製造服務方案,我們為全球企業客戶提供專業製造與原廠產品服務, 以高價值高可靠度準確又快速的B2B製造與整合服務為信念, 擁有20年以上的專業市場服務經驗,以及客戶好口碑,服務全球超過500間中大型企業與機構客戶,頗受客戶的歡迎與肯定。

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